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LATEST!! Yes siree, Rocky has at last brought out his "exclusive Rocky Flintstone signature range." Everything is described in Belinda Blinked language, so enjoy the descriptions.... if you can.... I'm jus cringin....

Rocky Flintstone signature iPhone Samsung case at Etsy Rocky Flintstone signature weekender bag at Etsy Rocky Flintstone signature woman's soft style T at Etsy Rocky Flintstone signature Mug with Special One logo at Etsy Rocky Flintstone signature bodysuit with special One logo at Etsy

Rocky Flintstone signature Baseball For that unspecial one in your life... 6 cm round badge Rocky's Women's Slim Fit Racerback Tank Top The let's kick ass Rocky Flintstone magnet Rocky Flintstone signature golf ball

Rockys Pavilion at Zazzle

Rockys Pavilion at Etsy

Rocky has also had many requests through twitter, instagram, facebook for a poster of Belinda Blinked. International cartoonist, Mouldy Wood came up with a fantastic piece of work, so he got his act together and you can wait no more... here's a link to Amazon;

Amazon only supply the UK but Rocky will ship worldwide so just email him at and you can use Paypal to pay. The cost including worldwide shipping is £24.95 GB pounds. As well as the signed and numbered poster you'll also get one of his very dubious autographed business cards... why it's cheaper than a tin wok... Now as you are a true fan, he will also write a small message... say 6 words on the poster, Sam asked for and got.... "the viper in your tits is omnipresent" not good..... but you see what Rocky means!

Have you tried the new Oxy Brillo range.... why not? Just contact Bella or Maeve for your free brochure or visit our new online website!

Steeles Pots and Pans

I believe we still have some woks in stock, but they're all cast iron, the mild steel ones have gone... sorry! Also, would you mind not ordering next day delivery as Bella gets a bit mad about this. I think it's because the pots 'n pans scratch her painted finger nails and Jim doesn't like her looking like a tramp. If you want to set up an account and need a visit, then I can send one of my RSM's in to see you. It won't be me as I'm doing International stuff in the first half of the year with Spoons. If you'd prefer to have a one on one with me, get in touch with Jim Thompson and he'll put you in the diary for a few months time. Can you hold on that long?

Belinda Blinked 2, 3 and 4 are all in PAPERBACK at Amazon.... yes, now there's a really little something for your Glee Team Birthday present! The best thing is Rocky can't afford an ad campaign, so no one really knows about it..... Like the cliff hanger at the end of series 4, it'll be a real gift surprise! Here's the USA links...

and the UK links...

I hope you like the new covers, he went a bit up market and got Mouldy Wood to do some geat work. The Glee Team defo like them...

Lots of other things are happening and the media types in conjunction with Rocky are working really hard to bring you even more new content. Their book with lots of new Rocky stuff called, My Dad Wrote a Porno, has been published in Europe and the USA... it's already a best seller... thanks to you guys!!
You can buy the book in the USA here.

and in Europe here.

These are the book links to Kindle for Belinda Blinked in case you want to follow me electronically on

The podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno, has now completed its fourth season and boy did you fans love it. Sorry about the massive cliffhanger but I've got a lot of detective work to do to save the company... Bisch is not taking us down, never mind that treacherous one????
watch this space, Rocky's bound to let it all slip.....

The Porno Team did a world tour with their live show last year and now HBO are making it into a 60 minutes Comedy Special. USA transmission is 11th May 10.00pm EST. Sky Atlantic also have it and will release a viewing date soon. Lots of other countries have also grabbed it, so look in your national press for details.

They sold out nights at the Sydney Opera House, Royal Albert Hall London and gigs in Ney York City and L.A. woo hooo... never mind the Edinburgh Fringe, Montreal Comedy Festival, Dublin, Manchester, and London's Royal Festival Hall!
They call it Porno Live.....
If you don't know the show is titled 'Rocky's Lost Chapter'... I personally think he's lost it all if you ask me...
But it's actually great fun and it's about when I get to take the RSM's away on a team building/bonding exercise for a few days to a very posh hotel in Cornwall. Great views and sea air never mind all that Cornish crab meat...... yum yum... oh yes, I also have an "expert" trainer who helps me out... so to speak... You can catch it on HBO this summer!

Here's a review from the Dublin show.
Thanks Hugh, I owe you a pot or a pan... I'm in Dublin next week... we could do a meet? I think you've given fans a great preview of the live fun!

OK, why not join my sort of exclusive members only website... well I share it with Rocky, so it's not exclusive... he's certainly not exclusive... I might be... on a good day...

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